Client Praise

Working with Arciem LLC was a complete joy. I dealt with 2 failed attempts with other developers. Robert got it right even with the working prototype he had ready at our first meeting.
— Sean Spencer, BingoBean LLC

Project Showcase

Here is a small sampling of our projects. Our Partners page contains many more details on the depth of experience we can bring to your project.

Flying Logic

Our client asked Arciem LLC to create an innovative approach to military Course of Action Analysis (COA-A) for a major defense contractor. We were given complete control over the design and implementation of the project.

The result of our efforts was Flying Logic, an unique planning application with applications in a wide spectrum of problem domains in government, business, and even personal development. Flying Logic was written in pure Java, and runs on both Windows and Mac OS X. Other software technologies incorporated into Flying Logic include:

  • Innovative, patented interface
  • Java Swing-based, multi-document architecture
  • High quality graphics powered by Java2D
  • Automated graph layout
  • Optimized, real-time animation
  • XML for native file format
  • Dynamic PDF generation
  • Export to bitmapped graphics formats such as JPEG and PNG
  • Export to Microsoft Project formats
  • All logo and interface artwork produced by Arciem LLC
  • Extensive documentation

Arciem LLC also created the Flying Logic web site:

  • XHTML Strict & CSS
  • All pages generated using PHP
  • Javascript for numerous browser-side interactions and stylings
  • News subscription and contact forms use AJAX
  • MySQL database used for mailing list and other recordkeeping
  • Product demonstration videos produced using Final Cut Pro
  • Flash and Flash Video used for “instant demos” on the home page
  • Server bandwidth conserved by using Amazon S3
  • Traffic tracking and analysis using Google Analytics
  • All artwork produced by Arciem LLC
  • Sophisticated community tools:
    • Simple Machines Forum
    • MediaWiki
    • WordPress-based blog

Charmed and Strange

Charmed and Strange (C&S) is a quirky (or perhaps quark-y) game currently in development. In C&S, players quickly form scoring combinations from triangular, colorfully-striped tiles that are fanciful representations of fundamental particles. Part of the “casual games” genre, C&S is designed to be enjoyable on the smallest of portable game platforms such as cell phones, while still able to take full advantage of the advanced 3-D hardware in personal computers and game consoles.

  • All game logic in C++ for speed and portability
  • OpenGL for 3-D graphics
  • GL Shading Language (GLSL) for unique texturing effects and real-time image processing
  • Streaming audio and sound effects using OpenAL
  • Ogg Vorbis for audio compression

Sciral Consistency

Sciral Consistency is a “fuzzy to-do list manager” for those recurring-yet-flexible tasks that don’t fit well on either calendars or traditional to-do lists.

  • Windows version in C++/Win32
  • Mac OS X version in Objective-C++/Cocoa
  • MacWorld Magazine Rated “4 mice” was created to launch a new kind of construction toy used for both 2-D and 3-D creations. Their web site needed to serve many purposes, including explain the unique aspects of the toy, provide an online store where the product could be ordered as well as referrals to retailers carrying it, and provide a free tool that allows people to transform their own photographs into one-of-a-kind “Digital Stained Glass” creations that could actually be built using PixelBlocks. In addition, the online store and the Digital Stained Glass tool needed to be integrated with a custom back-end inventory control and order processing system.

  • Written in Java using Apple’s WebObjects application framework
  • MySQL-based order processing and inventory control
  • Custom online store including secure credit card processing
  • Back-end CRM, inventory control, shipping, and reporting tools
  • Digital Stained Glass Tool
    • Server-side image processing using ImageMagick
    • Dynamic creation and download of PDF template